How to Become a Member

Become a member of AETTNL by selecting your application below.
Not sure why you should be certified?
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AETTNL Certification-Registration Policy Manual


To apply for a Membership Application, please select the type of application you desire:
*Student Membership (Available when enrolled in a technology program recognized by AETTNL).
*Associate Membership (Available when graduated from a recognized technology program and/or equivalent but have not completed necessary work experience).

*Certified Membership.


‐  All fees are subject to 15% HST.
‐ The annual professional fee is renewable September 1st of each year; the invoice will be sent via Canada Post.
‐ Professional fees are non-refundable.
– Professional fees for new applicants will be pro-rated commencing March 1st of each year.
‐ **Professional Ring is awarded at no cost to first time applicants applying for certified membership.

Professional Membership Fees

Certified Member  – $240.00
Associate Member  – $160.00
Student Member  – $73.00
Retired Member  – $120.00
Unemployed / Member on Medical Leave – $120.00

Other Related Fees

Application Fee for Certified Membership – $200.00
Non Accredited/Academic Assessment Application Fee for Certified Membership – $200.00
Transfer In – $50.00
Reclassification Fee – $175.00
Reinstatement Fee* – $100.00
Professional Ethics Exam Fee – $100.00
Membership Certification Replacement – $25.00
Professional Ring Replacement** – $98.50


The Professional Technology Ring


 The technology ring is a symbol of professionalism. It is worn exclusively by certified applied science/ engineering technologists and technicians across the country. The ring is characterized by a repeating pattern of five gears bracketed by a maple leaf on each side. The gears represent the five members of the engineering team – trades person, technician, technologist, engineer and scientist. While it may be worn according to the member’s preference, professional rings are traditionally worn on the last finger of the working hand.
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