What is a Certified Applied Science/Engineering Technologist?

What is a Professional Technologist (PTech)?

What is a Certified Applied Science/Engineering Technologist?

A graduate of an accredited curriculum in applied science/engineering technology (or equivalent) who has completed two years of satisfactory practical experience in employment following graduation may be certified as an engineering technologist.

The curriculum will also have included the fundamentals of science and engineering applicable to a particular branch or specialty of applied science/engineering technology, taught in term of the mathematics core. The academic and theoretical portions of the technical curriculum will have been reinforced by suitable laboratory experiments and exercises amounting to approximately one-third of the total academic curriculum.

The occupational functions of the applied science/engineering technologist vary widely. In a technical capacity they may progress from the relatively simple tasks of the recent graduate to complex technical responsibilities which are comparable to those of professional engineers and engineering supervisors, where the exercise of judgment is required and responsible decisions are essential.

Where professional decisions are required, the applied science/engineering technologist will always find that they will be associated with professional architects/engineers except where otherwise provided by law.

In an administrative capacity, the applied science/engineering technologist may gravitate away from purely technical responsibilities assuming instead the responsibilities of administration and management up to the highest levels.

The applied science/engineering technologist may carry out a wide range of complex work processes under general direction in areas such as engineering, design production, marketing, maintenance, quality control, quantity surveying, inspection and supervision of construction activities. They may be employed as a technical sales representative and in all of the levels of responsibility related to technical sales.

The applied science/engineering technologist evaluates their assignments, determines the objectives, defines the problems and determines the procedures to effect solutions to the problems, either to interpret the creative ideas of engineers or on his own initiative (they will often be the only technical authority in a plant, especially in smaller plants). The applied science/engineering technologist schedules work to meet the objectives and participates in long and short range planning.

They may supervise and coordinate the activities of the applied science/engineering technologist, applied science/engineering technicians and skilled craftsmen and they may be assigned administrative responsibility for applied science/engineering specialists and scientists. They may often assist in the training of less experienced technical staff including professionals.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, the designations of Professional Technologist (PTech), Certified Engineering Technologist (CET) and Applied Science Technologist (AScT) are all equivalent.