Personal Data and Privacy

Each year as AETTNL sends out membership renewals for professional fees, we try to ensure that our member database is as current as possible. This database is of vital importance in the running of the association and in our interaction with other groups including: other provincial associations, our national association, governments, educational institutions and potential employers. We NEVER pass on your personal information without your consent (please see the note on the new Federal Privacy act below) but do use our database for statistical information on a regular basis. Please, therefore, take the time to provide us with up to date information on this link:

Privacy Act

The Federal Government has established a Privacy Act which recognizes individuals right to privacy of their personal information; recognizes the rights of organizations to collect, use or disclose personal information for legitimate Business purposes and establishes rules for handling personal information. The Privacy Act mandates that AETTNL must ask you, before disclosing any of your personal information to third parties. We carefully review any requests for information that we receive and only consider those, which we believe, are bona fide and will have benefits to our membership. At present there are three (3) companies that request information on the names and addresses of members namely TD Insurance – Meloche Monnex; Manulife Insurance and MBNA Canada.
Please complete the form on this link

(Circling your choice of A or B) and forward it to the AETTNL office within the next 30 days or alternately send us an email with the text of the notice and including choice A or B; otherwise we will consider that you have given consent for disclosure of your name and mailing address to selected third parties.