Membership Classifications

Certified Member

The category of Certified will include Professional Technologist and Certified Technician. These classifications are available to individuals who have achieved a combination of academic credits and experience acceptable to the association. Certified Members will upon admission and payment of the requisite membership fee, be afforded the right to attend Provincial meetings, participate, make motions, vote and hold office. Certified Members remain as such as long as they keep current with their annual dues.

Provisional Member

The category of Provisional Member is open to those who meet the educational requirements for registration for certification as an Engineering Technician or Technologist but lack the relevant experience required of a Certified Member. Provisional Member’s have a maximum of five (5) years, from the date of notification of Provisional status to achieve the necessary competencies and work experience at the specified level. Provisional members can only hold office by appointment. Provisional Member’s cannot make motions or vote.

Student Member

The category of Student Member is open to any person, who is enrolled as a student at a recognized institute. They will be afforded the right to attend meetings only and to speak but not to make motions, vote or hold office. They will pay annual fees as prescribed in the schedule of fees.

Retired Member

Retired membership may be awarded to members who have retired from the applied science/engineering technology profession but have not met the requirements for life membership. It shall not include those who have left applied science/engineering technology and are working in other fields. Retired Members are required to notify the Association, in writing, upon returning to employment in the applied science/engineering technology profession.. A member who has been designated by Council as a Retired Member shall be required to pay an annual fee of one half of the Certified annual membership fee, as established by Council. Retired Members have the right to vote.

Life Member

Life membership may be conferred, upon application by a certified member who has rendered eminent service to the Association and/or retired from the workforce, having been a member in good standing of a provincial Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists in Canada, normally for a period of at least thirty (30) years, at least twenty (20) of which have been with AETTNL. Certified Members who have been conferred as Life Members shall be free of any fee, charge or levy and shall continue for the life of the member.

Registered Technology Manager (RTMgr)

The category of RTMgr is open to Certified members, in good standing.  RTMgrs must be in a management position within a technology environment and meet the prescribed levels of experience, education, and competency. All RTMgr’s are required to report their Continuous Professional Development Activities upon renewal of their certification annually.