AETTNL Council, Staff & Appointed Positions

2022-2023 AETTNL Council

President: Newton Pritchett, PTech
Vice President: Andrea Scott, CET
Past President: Stephen Badcock, AScT
Councillor: Matthew Peddle, PTech
Councillor: Ed Mercer, CET
Councillor: Mark Maloney, PTech
Councillor: Gerard Warfield, PTech
Councillor: David Burke, CET
Associate – Appointed: Vacant
Student – Appointed: Faith Clarke
Public Member Representative: Vacant
Registrar: Gary Tulk. PTech



Executive Staff Officer – Shannon Keating, PTech

AETTNL Major Committees

Certification/Registration Board: Chair: Charles Parsons Jr, CET; Vice-Chair: Vacant; Registrar: Gary Tulk, PTech
Members: Darrell O’Neill, CET; Bruce Snow, CET; Edward Mercer, CET; Newton Pritchett, PTech; Howard Guy, CET; Ryan Payne, PTech; Paul Clay, PTech; Edward Coombs, PTech

Legislative Committee:  Co-Chairs: Newton Pritchett, PTech and Stephen Badcock, AScT
Public Relations Committee: Chair: Tony Scott, PTech
Constitution By-Laws: Chair: Stephen Badcock, AScT
Accreditation: Chair: Newton Pritchett, PTech

AETTNL Minor Committees:
AETTNL/PEGNL: Newton Pritchett, PTech
AETTNL/ALBNL-NLAA: Stephen Badcock, AScT
Ethics – Disciplinary: Council
Nominations: Council
Professional Ethics Exam: Andrea Scott, CET

Our Constitution Bylaws

A Brief History of AETTNL

AETTNL, the Association of Engineering Technicians and Technologists of Newfoundland and Labrador, was formed in 1968.  The intent of the Association was to represent the interests of the growing number of technicians and technologists in the Province.

In 1968, with the sponsorship of the Association of Professional Engineers of Newfoundland (APEN), the Association of Engineering Technicians and Technologists of Newfoundland (AETTN) was formed.  At inception, AETTN had less than 50 members and was operated under a bylaw of APEN.  APEN developed a constitution for AETTN consistent with the Engineering Profession Act.  This constitution ensured that APEN had a majority on the Board of Examiners, thus giving them the power to decide upon acceptance of technicians and technologists into AETTN.

In 1970, discussions were held with APEN to change the constitution and by-laws to grant more autonomy to AETTN.  Very little progress was made towards autonomy for AETTN, as APEN maintained control of the AETTN constitution.

In 1972, the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT) was formed with AETTN being one of the founding members. CCTT was formed to create national standards for technical education to ensure full transferability of technicians and technologists across Canada.

During the 1980s, AETTN gained financial and administrative autonomy from APEN, and developed and approved a Code of Ethics.  AETTN set up a separate office and hired part-time staff to manage the day-to-day operations of the Association.

In February 1993, a group of concerned certified technicians and technologists incorporated a new association – AETTN Inc.  By incorporating the Association under the Non-Profit Corporations Act, the organization was and is able to legally conduct day-to-day operations until such a time as legislation is passed in the Provincial House of Assembly for our operations. While AETTN continued with efforts to reach an understanding with APEGN (formerly APEN), discussions with the CCTT, other Provincial Associations and legal advisors were ongoing as to what options were open to AETTN.  Believing that all avenues of negotiation with APEGN for control of the AETTN Constitution were stalemated the Executive of AETTN called a Special General Meeting.  At that Special General Meeting, which was held on November 6, 1993, the AETTN membership voted unanimously:

  • 1. That AETTN forthwith provide its members with the forms or other documents necessary to subscribe for membership in AETTN Inc.;
  • 2. That AETTN not accept any further applications for membership or renewals of membership, and refer any such applications to AETTN Inc.;
  • 3. That all chattels or other property or assets whatsoever of AETTN be and are hereby transferred over unto AETTN Inc.;
  • 4. That AETTN commence forthwith to wind down the exercise of its powers and functions, and transfer the same in an orderly fashion to AETTN Inc., the said winding down and transfer to be completed by not later than March 31, 1994; and
  • 5. That AETTN recognizes AETTN Inc. as the exclusive authority within Newfoundland and Labrador for the regulation and governance of the practice of the professions carried on by members of AETTN.

In a subsequent meeting held later that day, AETTN Inc. agreed to accept the current members in good standing of AETTN into the membership of AETTN Inc.  A motion was passed that the Executive and Council of AETTN elected at the AGMs of May 1992 and May 1993 together with all appointed positions of AETTN, with the exception of the Board of Examiners, be accepted in the same positions in AETTN Inc.

Members also approved a new Constitution and Bylaws to provide a more modern tool for the operation of the Association. Included in these revisions was control of the Certification and Registration Board by AETTN Inc.   AETTN was finally its own body, in control of its operations, its Constitution, and Certification and Registration Boards, allowing it to control admittance of members.

AETTN changed its name to the current name of the Association of Engineering Technicians and Technologists of Newfoundland and Labrador, Inc., reflecting the new name of the province.