Retired membership may be awarded to members who have retired from the applied science/engineering technology profession but have not met the requirements for life membership.

Retired membership shall not include those who have left applied science/engineering technology and are working in other fields. Retired members are required to advise the Association, in writing, upon returning to employment in the applied science/engineering technology profession

A member who has been designated by Council as a Retired Member shall be required to pay an annual fee of one half of the Certified annual membership fee, as established by Council.

Retired Members have the right to vote

Retired membership fees will be prorated commencing March 1st of each year.

To submit online, please complete the form below and one of our staff will contact you to process your payment.

Retired Membership Fee: $138.00, HST included.

If you prefer to submit your application via hard copy by post, please download and print the application form instead of filling out the online form below.