Registered Technology Manager, (RTMgr)

All applicants are assessed based on the principles of competency.

a) Competency: To be assessed as competent, applicants must prove a
substantial comprehension, functional level of usage and experience in the
selected competencies. The indicators listed for each competency provide
further explanation of the performance expectations of the applicant.

b) Minimum Competency and Indicator Requirements: There are primary and secondary competencies. The minimum requirements for RTMgr certification and registration are the achievement of:
▪ Eighty percent (80%) of the primary competencies.
▪ Eighty percent (80%) of the secondary competencies.
▪ A minimum of seventy-five percent (75%) of the indicators for each competency selected.

c) Interview or Work Audit. The CRB may request an applicant to attend an interview with one or more appointees of the CRB. The CRB may request an onsite work audit of any applicant. The costs of conducting an interview or an audit may be payable by the applicant.

Supplementary Evidence
Applicants may submit supplementary documentation of their competencies, including:
• Evidence of having developed a successful business based on applied science.
• Books or published articles authored by the applicant on topics related to their field.
• Teaching in their field at a post-secondary education institution.
• An invention or designer/developer of unique processes related to their field.
• A BSc or similar qualification in a science, engineering, or technology discipline.
• Other attributes that demonstrate professional excellence acceptable to the CRB.