For Release – TPC Recognized as Signatory – June 21.2023


Technology Professionals Canada Joins Sydney and Dublin Accords – Reinforcing its Commitment to Global Technology Education Standards


June 21, 2023; Toronto, Canada: At the recent meeting of the International Engineering Alliance, Technology Professionals Canada (TPC) was successfully recognized as the signatory for Canada for both the Dublin and Sydney Accords.


This achievement means that Canada continues to have its accredited engineering technology programs recognized at an international level. This significant accomplishment is a testament to TPC’s commitment to advancing global standards in engineering technology education and ensuring that Canadian graduates possess the necessary skills to excel in the rapidly evolving engineering and applied science landscape.


The Dublin and Sydney Accords are international agreements established to facilitate the mutual recognition of qualifications in the field of engineering technology. These Accords promote superior education and align industry work competency standards among the participating countries. This is key for the creation of a framework for the international mobility and professional recognition of graduates from programs that are accredited by Technology Accreditation Canada.


The Dublin and Sydney Accords will be administered on TPC’s behalf by Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC). TAC is the sole accreditation body for the engineering technology and applied science profession in Canada.


By becoming a signatory to the Dublin and Sydney Accords, TPC has demonstrated its adherence to rigorous academic standards. By aligning ourselves with these international standards, we are focused on empowering graduates with the skills and qualifications that are universally recognized, increasing their opportunities for professional growth and global employment.


In addition to the Accords, TPC is also the authorized member for Canada for the engineering technology-related agreements which include the International Engineering Technologists Agreement and the Agreement for International Engineering Technicians. These agreements are international benchmarks of working competence standards required for those people who wish to be recognized as qualified practicing engineering technology professionals. TPC is committed to fostering a global community of engineering technology professionals.