TAC Auditor Recruitment Campaign 

Become a Technology Accreditation Auditor!

On November 15, 2019, Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC) and Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT) proudly announced an agreement to integrate the accreditation services provided by the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB) with those of TAC.

Under the agreement, TAC became the sole national accrediting body for Canada’s engineering technology and applied science profession and assumed responsibility of all CTAB accredited programs. In consultation with CTAB customers to ensure a seamless transition, the CTAB accredited programs will be converted to the TAC accreditation model within a three-year period.

TAC serves engineering technology and applied science students in technician and technology programs by providing a world-class accreditation service. TAC National program accreditation involves a comprehensive audit, including the review of institutional and program information, interviews with employers of graduates, alumni, students and faculty and a tour of the programs’ labs and student support services.


Being an auditor provides a unique opportunity to share your industry experience and utilize your analytical techniques to assess whether an engineering technology or applied science program meets the standards of the profession.


Prospective auditors are required to sign the Auditor Declaration which is a commitment to adhere to TAC policies. Prospective auditors are required to complete the online training which takes approximately 15-20 hours, depending on one’s pace. Click here for more information about training. Auditors may spend up to 40 hours on an audit and be required to travel out of province.


  • Serve your profession by ensuring graduates of an accredited program have the competencies required by the profession
  • Grow personally and professionally by demonstrating and enhancing your leadership, analytical, organization and communication skills
  • Auditors and auditors-in-training receive $300 per audit, lead auditors $500 per audit

Apply Now

Step 1: Certified engineering technicians and technologists interested in becoming an auditor must submit their resume, highlighting any audit experience, to their professional provincial association (PPA). The PPA will forward the resume to TAC.

Sharon Beattie – aettnl@aettnl.com
Qualified candidates not a member of a PPA may submit their resume to Shauna Wright at swright@technologyaccreditation.ca.

Step 2: Successful candidates will be contacted for a telephone interview.

Step 3: Complete auditor training module #1 and #2

Step 4: Sign TAC auditor policies

Further details are on the TAC website: http://www.technologyaccreditation.ca/Auditors/How-Do-I-Become-a-TAC-Auditor