President’s Message

Valued Members, Colleagues and Friends,

It’s hard to believe that Autumn is upon us and that my current term serving as your President is all but complete.  Thank you so much for the support that you have placed in me, AETTNL Council and staff this past year.  As I have said before, your membership in AETTNL affirms your dedication and continued support of your Association and it is truly appreciated.  Be assured that you have had a very dedicated and supportive AETTNL Council and staff, working to the best of their abilities to ensure that each one of you are recognized as highly skilled, certified professional technicians and technologists throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and across Canada.

In less than three weeks, AETTNL will celebrate 50 years of serving and representing Technicians and Technologists in Newfoundland and Labrador.  This is a tremendous milestone in our Association!  I invite you all to come together, joining with colleagues and friends to celebrate AETTNL, to reflect on all that has been achieved in the past 50 years and to set course for continued growth and success for the next 50 years. The 50th AGM has been set for November 2nd and 3rd in St. John’s and details, including registration can be found on the AETTNL website or can be obtained by contacting the AETTNL office.

I’m sure that many, if not all of you have had the pleasure of meeting or speaking to our new office staff, Managing Director and Associate Registrar, Ms. Sharon Beattie and Member Services Coordinator, Ms. Paula Hayes, joining AETTNL earlier this year.  I would like to extend my thanks and sincere gratitude to Sharon and Paula (who have a seemingly endless supply of energy and enthusiasm!) for their tireless efforts and many hours of hard work to keep AETTNL running.  Their commitment to AETTNL is to be commended.  Thank you so much ladies.

I would also like to extend my thanks to the 2017/2018 AETTNL Council for their steadfast support and commitment to AETTNL and for all the hours spent representing and working for the membership of AETTNL.  Little could be accomplished without their support and assistance and each member of Council is to be commended for their dedication and commitment to AETTNL.

I’m happy to report that AETTNL’s membership continues to grow, thanks in no small part to the efforts of the volunteers of the CRB and AETTNL office staff.  AETTNL membership numbers currently stand at 1,275, with new applications arriving weekly.  AETTNL has been successful in establishing a new student chapter based at College of the North Atlantic, Ridge Road Campus, St John’s and have also been successful in establishing a Student Member position on Council.  I would like to welcome Mr. Martin Whiffen to this position and thank him for his dedication and service to AETTNL.

AETTNL continues to work the current provincial government towards obtaining provincial legislation to provide recognition and protection of AETTNL and its titles.  The progress has been slow, but a meeting with Service NL Minister, Ms. Sherry Gambin-Walsh, and her staff, to discuss outstanding concerns and issues regarding AETTNL legislation is expected shortly.  AETTNL is optimistic that this legislation will be realized within the next year.

As reported in the Spring message, work continues on the national scene and there has been some positive movement toward unity among all Provincial Associations in Canada.  Vice-President Newton Pritchett has spent a considerable amount of time and effort as National Co-Chair, representing CCTT provincial associations, working towards the blending of CCTT and TPC provincial associations into one national body that represents all certified technicians and technologists in Canada.

AETTNL Council and Staff have and continue to work to the best of our abilities and capabilities to serve you the Member.  Many volunteers have offered their time and talents to advance the cause of AETTNL and progress our great Association.  2017/2018 has been a busy term for our Association and the coming year promises to be equally as busy.  Obtaining our Right to Title Legislation, national unity and improving existing/providing new services that benefit you, the Member, will be the priorities of your 2018/2019 Council.

As we prepare to celebrate 50 years of AETTNL, I again invite you to join with colleagues and friends to celebrate all that AETTNL has accomplished and participate in setting the course of AETTNL for the next 50 years.  As I have said before, you are AETTNL.  If you are a new member, on behalf of Council, welcome to AETTNL.  To the ‘seasoned’ member, a sincere thank you for your interest and continued support to AETTNL.  Whether new or seasoned, I invite you to volunteer any time or talent you have to offer to continue the great work and further the cause of AETTNL.

Kindest regards,

Stephen G. Badcock, A.Sc.T.
President, AETTNL

AETTNL Council Nominations

AETTNL was seeking Nominations from the certified membership for positions on AETTNL Council for 2018-19. Openings available included:

  • President;
  • Vice President; and
  • Councillors: Eastern Area 1 and Eastern Area 2.

Results of the election will be announced at the 50th AGM on November 3, 2018. Check the website for more details.

AETTNL is very pleased to announce that there was one nomination for each of the four positions, therefore they will be all acclaimed and there is no need for a vote.  Nomination Letter will be posted on the website.

AETTNL 50th Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Proxy

On Friday, November 2, 2018, there will be an Opening Reception and the AGM on Saturday, November 3, following the meeting there will be an Awards Luncheon. Please register at, where you will also find the Proxy Vote Form for your completion and return to All proxies will be decided by the President unless otherwise assigned. Please see the AETTNL website for more information.

2018/19 AETTNL Membership Renewals

2018/19 AETTNL Membership Renewals have all been sent, if you have not gotten yours or if you need to update your information, please contact the office. Your prompt payment will be greatly appreciated and for those who have already paid thank you!