AETTNL 2018 Membership Survey

The information provided in this report was collected from the membership between February and April 2019; with 308 respondents participating.

Section 1 provides the responses to the survey questions in either graphical or tabular format. The number of responses to each question is noted under each chart or table. This number varies for each question because not all respondents provided an answer to every question. Section 2 provides cross-analysis of the data to determine correlations between wages, industry, experience, and training.

The reader may notice that there are some instances where the total number of responses may add up to greater than 100%. This is due to the nature of the question and the ability for the respondent to provide more than one answer.

The sample group was limited to those members who have their email addresses registered with the AETTNL office.

This survey was conducted by volunteers with AETTNL and this report is also produced by volunteers from the membership. No statistics professional was employed or consulted during the survey period or the drafting of this report and this report is made available without bias, manipulation, or interpretation. As such, the reader accepts all liability for the use of this report and AETTNL will not be held accountable for any damages resulting from its use.

Please consider the environment before printing this document.