President’s Message


On behalf of the Executive, Council and Staff of the Association, I’d like to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday and a Joyous New Year!
I do hope all is well with you and your families, that you are all safe and that you have not been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic that is affecting virtually every aspect of our lives.  These are indeed challenging and unprecedented times.  However, in times such as these, we, as Technicians and Technologists, best utilize our skills and abilities to assess, innovate, problem-solve, adapt, and implement systems and processes that keep our province, nation, and the world moving forward. 

AETTNL, thanks to the efforts and dedication of the Executive, Council and Staff, and with the support of the Membership, has continued to work for you throughout this past year to promote, elevate and advance the profile of certified engineering Technicians and Technologists in Newfoundland and Labrador and in Canada.  Despite the impacts of Covid-19, Sharon has continued to manage the Association effectively, and with Paula’s and now Regina’s assistance, ensuring the operations of AETTNL.  

One of the most significant achievements of this past year has been an agreement between the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT) and Technology Professionals Canada (TPC) to merge under Technology Professionals Canada to form a singular national entity that will represent all certified Technicians and Technologists in Canada. This merger is the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication by designated representatives from all Provincial Associations.

Another important achievement has been the successful merger of the Canadian Technology Accreditations Board and Technology Accreditations Canada.  There is now one official accrediting body and one national standard for Accreditations in Canada.  Special thanks to Gary Tulk, PTech, ESO/Registrar for his efforts and contributions to the national working group for this merger.

While Covid-19 has impacted the normal operation of government, please know that AETTNL continues to lobby the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for Right to Title Legislation.

Despite the impacts of Covid-19 on our economy and business/industry sectors, AETTNL has maintained a relatively stable Membership of about 1270.  Certification of new members to AETTNL is the responsibility of the Certification and Registration Board and I wish to extend thanks to Co-Chairs Darrell O’Neill and Bruce Snow, volunteer members of the CRB, and AETTNL office staff for their uncompromising standards and dedication, even while virtual this year.

In closing, I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the AETTNL staff and AETTNL Council for their steadfast support and commitment to AETTNL and for all of the hours spent representing and working for the membership of AETTNL.  Little could be accomplished without their support and assistance and each member of Council is to be commended for their dedication and commitment to AETTNL.  I also extend my sincere thanks to the members of AETTNL for your support and dedication to your Association.

AETTNL is looking forward with excitement, to the new year, with plans for membership growth, Industry Outreach and continued safe support for our valued members.
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Seasons Greetings!
Stephen Badcock, AScT